Wingspan Token

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    This set consists of beautiful Fan-Made Wingspan Good Tokens that are laser cut, dual sided Printed acrylic tokens for the original game of Wingspan.

    You will receive a total of 105 food tokens of:
    - 26 Fish tokens
    - 26 Cherry tokens
    - 26 Mouse tokens
    - 26 Invertebrate tokens
    - 26 Grain tokens

    Tokens comes with a clear film front and back which should be removed once received and may require light cleaning before and after use.

    All tokens are laser cut from quality 3mm acrylic. Due to the laser cutting process, there maybe slight deviations of +|- 0.6mm along the edge.

    This product are not supported, sponsored or making exclusive merchandise for StoneMaier Games.

    Get this with the Wingspan Boardgame for Additional Discount !!!

    - $50.00

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