THE MAGICK POUCH 15MM D20 5PK - Kraken Dice

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    Kraken Dice is proud to present the Magick Pouch. For the caster on the go this easy to handle set of five Black Magick 15mm d20 dice is perfect for all your ritual and component spell casting needs.


    Each Magick Pouch contains one each of the following 15mm Black Magick d20s:

    Amethyst Black Magick inked in Gold

    Emerald Black Magick inked in Gold

    Ruby Black Magick inked in Gold

    Sapphire Black Magick inked in Gold

    Topaz Black Magick inked in Gold

    Only 1000 Magick Pouches are available!**





    **Our factory created and sold us these 1000 extra sets and this package is not currently intended to be available again in the future.

    - $12.00

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