The Little Orchard - HABA

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    • A co-operative memory and color dice game for 1-4 players ages 3-8. Playing time about 10 minutes.
    • The pesky crowwants to steal the ripe cherries from the orchard. Can the children harvest them before the raven reaches the tree
    • Children learn about team work and cooperation as they rush to beat the greedy crow.
    • Contents include: 1 game board, 1 cherry tree, 1 raven, 5 pairs of cherries, 1 little basket, 1 color die, 15 flower cards, 1 set of game instructions with two game variations.
    • This game stimulates memory, recognizing and naming colors and developing & experiencing the "we" concept. Made in Germany.


    Ages: 3+
    Players: 1-4
    Game Length: 15 minutes

    - $56.90

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