D6 - 5 Dice Set Gravity Dice Gold (Ultra Pro)

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    UP your game with Gravity Dice! We utilize the most advanced 3D modeling and simulation to bring you perfectly balanced dice. Through complex model algorithms we found a balance between great weight, center of gravity and exceptional style. Made from anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum with laser-etched dots and logos, while the chamfered edges and perfect center of gravity make them ideal for extended rolls. Each die measures 0.63” (16.01 mm.) and fits in a hard-anodized, laser-etched case with magnetic closure.
    • Perfectly balanced for a more randomized roll
    • Dice and holder are anodized, aircraft grade aluminum
    • Magnetic closure for secure storage
    • Laser etched dots and logos
    • Dice Size 0.630" (16.01mm)

    - $80.90

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