Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

  • Who are you?
    • Golly. That's direct. You can find out more about us here.
  • Where is Sunny Pair O Dice?
    • We are in Singapore, South East Asia. The land of Crazy Rich Asians, only we are Asians, not rich and and infrequently crazy.
  • No seriously, your store is hard to find, where is it?!
    • We are sorry about not being able to give you better directions. We think Google is doing a pretty good job here. Alternatively, you can always call us, we will be glad to assist.
  • Can I opt for cheaper shipping?
    • Definitely, but we are looking into option without tracking. Do bear with us as we are working on an alternative. Meanwhile, if there's something you like, let us know and we can work something out for you.
  • What's up with not shipping stuff to my country?
    • Right now, we are only shipping locally. We are still figuring out making shipping affordable for everyone, however, you can still contact us about getting our products sent to you.
  • What's your shipping process like?
    • Once payment has been made, we will work overnight to try to get your items out within 3 days (Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays inclusive). We will provide you the necessary Tracking Number to trace your items.
  • My tracking number doesn't work, what's up with that?
  • How can I pay you?
    • For now, we accept online payment only.
    • You can also opt for In-Store payment, which we only accept Cash / PayLah! / PayNow. 
  • Why are some items only available in store but not online?
    • Our merchandise come in progressively (either weekly or monthly) and we are working hard to update our Facebook and Online Store. Some items will show up on our Facebook before it does online, do follow us on our Facebook for better updates. 
  • Do you guys run Private or Corporate Events?
    • Absolutely. We customize and run events that caters to your needs and objectives. Contact us here.
  • Can I pre-order or indent anything?
    • We don't see why not?. Contact us here.
  • How do I become a Game Master / Dungeon Master (GM / DM)?
    • Thanks to the Volunteers that donate their time and skills to host games for us, we are able to succeed slowly as a Play Store. And such, if you are interested to become a GM / DM, please contact us at here or whatsapp / sms us at (+65) 8748 3423.
    Address 321 Alexandra Road, #03-06 Alexandra Central Mall,
    Singapore, Singapore, 159971
    Phone Number 8748 3423

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