RAW Triple Berry Slush Rock Candy 12pc Polyhedral Dice Set with Custom Ink - Kraken Dice

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    It will feel like you are back on the boardwalk, browsing through the various sweet and candy in the Old-Tyme candy shop. Beautifully colored and nearly irresistible, the rainbow colored dice will be as tempting as their namesake and almost as sharp. But are not meant for eating!

    *Due to the production method of mixing opaque and translucent acrylics, it is not uncommon to find bubbles in these dice. Bubbles in acrylic dice sets are not considered a flaw or defect, as they do not create a functional impact on the product use.

    • 1 of the following dice: d2,d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12.
    • 2 of the following dice: d20 with Kraken logo on 20
    • 4 of the following dice: d6

    Kraken Dice Holder sold separately

    - $22.00

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