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Good afternoon, new islanders!
You have seen one side of D&D, now Sunny's GM Workshop B-Side is coming up! Interested in creating your own world, but do not know where to start? Not to worry, our second speaker will be the very well-known @Aaron, and he will be teaching all the interested DMs in the art of Homebrew! The topic will be how to start creating your own world, so come right down. Come down on the 17th of April to sit in and get a hands-on, face-to-face experience with an experienced Dungeon Master. Cannot make your way down? No worries, you can join online and watch it via Zoom, as this will be a new hybridization event. Message @ tavern staff to register for the event today!

In-store: $15 (Includes one complimentary set of dice in a blind bag + Mini ) (Limit to 15 Seats)
Online: $5 (A Zoom link will be provided on the day itself if you have paid.) It will be first-come, first-serve, so sign up now!

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