Enamel Pins - Dungeon Master (Paola's Pixels)

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    This product comes from Paola's Pixel.

    This Dungeons and Dragons enamel pin is part of the Adventurer Day Jobs pin collection. I don't know about your D&D sessions but my group and I eat too many snacks and drink too much soda as we play around a play mat. Our minis are not as nice as the ones I drew for this pin, though, haha! This Dungeons and Dragons pin is perfect to celebrate the DMs in your life!

    This enamel pin collection is meant to be more subtle D&D, more fantasy inspired. I wanted to create little scenes that were evocative of playing a tabletop game or even reading a fantasy book! I had a lot of fun designing all of them. The total collection has 10 designs for now: Alchemist, Bard, Dungeons Master, Healer, Necromancer, Ranger, Thief, Treasure Hunter, Soldier and Wizard.

    The pin is 1.25 in hard enamel and comes with the backing card as shown in the pictures.

    • 1.25” hard enamel fill
    • Black nickel plating
    • Rubber back
    • Paola's Pixels backstamp logo

    - $17.00

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