Self-Standing Dice Bag - Reversible Colours

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Options Surge occured. Red-Beige Self-Standing and White-Green Self-Standing Dice Bags spawned at Sunny Pair'O'Dice... ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!!!

    WildMagic Brunei runs Parallel with Sunny Pair'O'Dice as they do anything Dungeons and Dragons and/or Table Top RPG... We work together to bring merchandices across the sea to both countries that benefits the Players and Game Masters...

    Coming December at SGCC2019, they will have a booth at Gamer Alley. If you have the time, do drop by to say hello with a Sunny Smile...

    These beautiful dice bags are reversible and holds roughly 100 standard dices or 15 sets of RPG Dices...

    Red - $27.00
    Beige - $27.00

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