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    INSURED is a survival based board game for 3-8 players in a Battle Royale settings. Each game takes about 20-60 minutes of gameplay. Each player will start by choosing a character of unique abilities.

    After selection, players can either race against each other to be the first to fulfill the game objectives or eliminate everyone to earn themselves a way back to their original world.

    However, that is not the only obstacle they would have to face. As the world of INSURED consists of a lot of uncertainty, these uncertainties are unforgiving. Yet their saving grace is the shieldstones they get to loan during the game. With each shieldstone being unique and limited, the players will have to strategize in which of the shieldstone they would want to loan and insure themselves for the uncertainty. Moreover, having the right shieldstone will bring you closer to fulfilling your objective.

    Therefore, how will you strategize? Will you manipulate your way through or will you leave it to fate?

    Ages: 10+
    Players: 3-8
    Game Length: 20-60 minutes

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