Insured Boardgame - RES Design.

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Insured Boardgame (2019)

Review Date: 12-Feb-2019 (During their Kickstarter period)

Game: Insured

Insured the Boardgame's very own Roger Elias from RES Design dropped by Sunny to share his game with our tabletop regulars.

Our review;

Estimated Play Time --> 20 - 60 mins

Complexity --> 2 out of 10 (1 simple, 10 difficult)

Replaybility --> 7 out of 10


Elias explained to us that this was a 3-8 player game, bringing Battle Royale meets Hunger Games to the table in a survivalist mechanic genre. Objective is to achieve target number of hearts, coins or be the last survivor. This entails forming alliance or betrayal, basically anything to preserve yourself.

Players start the game by spending coins to buy shieldstone (aka insurance) to protect against disasters, perform their special abilities according to individual character features, and survive disasters by drawn Fate Cards.


After play-testing a few rounds, we found mechanics to be easy to pick up and has potential re-playability. The visuals are easy on the eye and cards stock has a decent feel; however we understood Elias is working hard on introducing fiercer concept art and working on superior card stock quality.

Should you be looking for a game that has slight learning curve and good for wide age range and family, we strongly recommend Insured; locally created and designed.


You can check Insured out here:


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