by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

GoodCritters (2018)

Review Date: 8-Jan-2020


Personal Experience

I love social games. Good Critters falls under that category. I have to personally confess that playing the boss trumps being a hopeful recipient of loot. The attention, the responsibility, and the power to garner “loyalty” is very attractive. So when I’m not the boss, rather than focus on sucking up to the current boss in hopes for a huge haul, I find myself robbing, looting from the deck, or (for no rhyme or reason) voting no just so that the boss title will make its way to me :p But here are a few tips within game-play to enhance your experience:


If you’re with friends (or just that kind of crowd), play out the scene. Threaten, charm, express shock, and express disdain as if the lot of you were actually the criminal critter avatars that you had chosen. It makes for hilarious rounds and what was supposed to be a political game of currying favor becomes an entertaining play of playful back-stabbing fun where everyone doesn’t mind who the winner or loser is.

Don’t Bully / King-make

There is the temptation for a boss to simply not give a player loot for the whole game or for players keep a generous boss in his/her role for as long as possible. While the group that you’re playing with might be fine with this, I would encourage players not to do that. No harm done (it’s just a game), but you get a more inclusive and entertaining game when one player is not left out or a boss gets to be switched out. How do you make this happen? Vote no, threaten the boss, or simply leave your avatar in front of someone to give playful tension.

At least 5/6 players

While playing with 4 players is manageable and still fun, as the saying goes: the more, the merrier! With more players, there’s a better chance to come-back from rounds where you didn’t get much, more opportunities to build temporary alliances, and flexibility to adopt new strategies (I’ll leave it to players to figure that out).


Easy to pick up. Easy Set up. Game can end as quick as 30 minutes.

What audience who would enjoy this game? Casual gamers/friends and families. Admittedly, this game is a social game at its core. If you’re not keen on communicating much in a game or would much rather play a game where you’re aiming to win by sheer strategic approaches, Good Critters would tickle you but its replay-ability is limited.

Since purchasing it, I’ve been introducing it to various teenagers and casual groups and everyone’s had a good time. Sunny's has it too so ask to play if you want a shot at it!


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