Upcoming Event for Christmas

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Christmas will be reaching in a month or so, and what's better way to spend it with a group of like-minded friends?

Sunny Pair'O'Dice always have small events lined up to run sessions for the day, or night...

Since our Halloween Event ended not too long ago, we thank all the participants and game master for gracing the Event and feedback of sessions are taken.
Apparently, The Yellow House is not satisfied because there are too little s̵a̵c̵r̵i̵f̵i̵c̵e̵s̵ visitors and is deeply sadden to not be able to accommodate more visitors...
Hence, the Game Master has Graciously opened up 2 more sessions for The Grudge, Betrayal at House on the Hill
The 2 Open-House visit dates and time are:
5th December - 6:00 pm till End
12th December - 6:00 pm till End
Drop @Sunny - Staff a private message in our Discord at https://discord.gg/zXFYQzT to reserve a spot. There will be limited seats available for each session...
As for the rest of the Christmas Sessions, more information will be put up as soon as we iron out all the details.
See you this Christmas Season and be nice not naughty :D


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