The Chronicles of Wei - The Secret of the Sky Temple (Dungeons and Dragons One-Shot)

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Sunny Pair'O'Dice is proud to present to you a Xian-Xia Fantasy One Shot, brought to you by the Dungeon Master (DM) of The Omega-Zion Campaign and the Game Master (GM) of Ashes & Dust, Aaron Chen !!!

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, DnD Singapore
The Dungeon Master will bring you to the world of Xian-Xia (仙侠 xiānxiá), which means, Immortal Heroes, featuring magic, demons, ghosts, immortals and a whole lot of Chinese folklore / mythology.
One notable Xia-Xian Movie will be The Legend of Zu (or Zu Warrior), a 2001 film with Ekin Cheng, Cecilia Cheung, Louis Koo, Zhang Zi Yi. This movie tells us about the.. (wait!)
Let's come back to this setting. Our Game Master will be welcoming you with open arms and we are already planning a 2nd run of the same scenario. If you have participated in the first part, let other's have a chance to experience Xian-Xia settings.
We shall leave you with that and all we can say without spoiling anymore.. Psst.... there will be some special items for you. And if you are interested, join us in our discord! We will host small time events for you to experience different RPG systems.


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