Sunny Scare'O'Dice - Halloween Week (Saturday)

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

1st October is a good time after we finalize out the details for our Saturday Event. a Full day Session from 1:00pm till the last man standing...

We call this, The Last Stand! !!. A one-shot for Level 15 Player Characters after being Summoned by the Leaders of the 5 Factions, Harpers, Lord's Alliance, Emerald Enclave, Order of the Gauntlet and the Zhentarim !!! 

You have a few player characters and you have yet to find a good ending to your adventure. How about giving your character a heroic ending (essentially to end your Adventure's League Character which cannot migrate to Season 10 or you just want to feel the ending like a scenario in Lord of the Rings, the final battle, or Avengers final Fight with Thanos?

Create a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Level 15 Characters based on the above rulings. The Game Master may even prepare additional magical items for you to defend the world...

Drop us a message in our Discord at hereSunny-Staff and he will enroll you to be a Hero !!!


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