Secondary School Boardgame Event (17th-Oct-2019)

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Rising early on a Thursday Morning, the fun people at Sunny took a stroll to a Secondary School for a Boardgame Event. With the help and coordination of the Teachers in school, we bring around 241 smiles and laughter to the Secondary 2 Students. Kudos to the Game Facilitators who took their time off their schooling / working schedules to bring the smiles across town...

We bring along some locally crafted game like Insured...

Insured by Roger Elias

... Saucy Grannies (work still in progress) by Jonas Yeo

and another designer in the house... Steve, designer of Cryptocurrency, (guy in red shirt)

After the event, we were drained... totally for 4 straight hours of event... But with every smiles, we recharged our battery pack by 1%...

We took a group photo with the Teacher-in-Charge... Thank you for allowing us to bring the happiness to the Students on a warm Thursday and hope they remember the games they played... (p.s. one of them is Camera-Shy... so he is hidden)

*Edit*: Some photos have been edited to protect the Student's Identity.

If you would like us to bring smiles and laughter to your party, contact us via Here...


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