RPG Festiva! @ Ci Yuan CC

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Collaborating with Singapore Open Gaming, we bring to you once a year RPG Festiva!

Happening on the 10th November 2019, at Ci Yuan Community Club from 10:30am to 6:00 pm, bringing you different RPGs across different time slots.

Expect to see the following few games:

1. Blades in the Dark 

Blades in Dark cast you as an intrepid member of a daring crew seeking to pull off your next big heist in a haunted industrial-fantasy city where dusk reigns eternal. Use whatever means you have at your disposal, be it bloody violence, honey-dripped lies, cunning misdirection, social engineering or occultic powers, to emerge victoriously with your prize.

2. City of Mist

City of Mist is a noir tabletop role-playing game in which you play modern-day versions of your favourite myths, legends, and fairy tales.
Investigate crimes committed by the Snow Queen, the Minotaur, or Alice in Wonderland as you explore a gritty City teeming with legendary powers.

3. Deadlands Redux RPG System

Deadlands Reloaded has long been considered the Fallout New Vegas of the tabletop RPG world. A spin-off of Savage Worlds, this system puts you dead center in the lands of the Weird West, where monsters and magic meet the old world charm of a spaghetti western. Get your ten-gallon hats and high noon memes ready and step right on in.

4. Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Dungeons and Dragons (DnD for short) is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game or RPG. It typically involves 3-7 players at a table with a GM/DM narrating the story/adventure, bringing the players through challenges that may have more ways than one to solve.

5. End of the World RPG

Ever thought about surviving a zombie apocalypse, be part of the crew of Darth Vader or to enter the world of Wuxia as yourself? Ever thought about focusing less on numbers and more on role play? Ever wish the DM/ST just concentrate on making a good story, rather than rolling and smirking at a critical roll? That's why AAR is all about!
This system is very close to EoTW in terms of character sheet, but there are changes to it to make it a easier game to play and learn!

6. Firefly RPG

Firefly RPG
The Firefly setting is an example of space western genre, a blending of science fiction and western genres, where high technology mixes with frontier life on newly terraformed planets.

Firefly is a space western television series that debuted in 2002. The show and game take place in the 26th century, following a close-knit crew led by Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Life for Mal and his crew is hard. As it turns out, there's a good reason-- they insist on surviving on their own terms.

7. The Dark Eye RPG

About the scenario: A prospector camp was found devastated in the hills near a frontier settlement. You're part of a posse sent to investigate and keep the settlement safe from the terrors of the wilderness.

The game is set in a low fantasy world, using a system that emphasizes a diverse set of character skills to interact with the world and overcome challenges in different ways.

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