Halloween 2020 @ Sunny Scare'O'Dice

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Halloween is one month away and we are planning some Spooky Event this year.

We hear some feedbacks and made some decisions and planning... however, we will not be releasing any info yet.. but this is what you see...

Dungeons and Dragons, Scary, Halloween
Some quick FAQ.
1. Are the sessions linked?
1a. Nope they are not, they are all individual one shots
2. Why is Saturday longer?
2b. Because you will need it.
3. Can I half session on Saturday?
3a. We afraid not. It is a full session from 1pm to 9pm... the immersion...
4. What systems are you planning?
4a. Hmm... *tries to avoid the question* Hey look, that cloud looks like a bird...
5. Grumble... Seriously, what systems?
5a. We are ironing out the systems... it will be Legend... wait for it...
6. When will we soon get more information?
6a. As soon as end of this month.
As you can see, we are trying to work on more details... but it will be a... *DARY* event...


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