D&D Wu Xia World, One Shot

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Join us for a One-Shot (and a possibility a full campaign) of Dungeons and Dragons in the World of Wu Xia (martial heroes).
Where would your character come from? The Chinese Continent itself or from the far North? Craft a hero skillful with weapons or move your palms to shoot out Xiang Long Shiba Zhang (降龍十八掌 ). The possibilities are endless...

All you need to do is.
1. Create a Level 6 Character
2. 27-Point Buy / Standard Array
3. PHB +1 Rules
4. All weapons and skills will be fluffed to Wu Xia Settings
5. Game Master will roll up a magic item before the start of the game.
6. Start off with 200 Gold Pieces

Entrance fee at $10, which comes with 2 drinks of your choice and free flow of snacks for consumption.

Game Master Aaron Chen have been playing tabletop Role-Playing Games since the 90's. Ever since he picked up GM-ing 4 years ago, he had not stopped since. Immersive stories with rich characters and fun mechanics are his cup of tea, and he always enjoy listening to the stories the players have to tell!.

Sign up to unleash your Wu Xia skills at https://warhorn.net/events/sunny-pair-o-dice-dnd/schedule/sessions/3a377ac0-a2dd-4b72-91b7-ade24d4265ca



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