D&D Sci-Fi One Shot

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

Game Master Aaron Chen will be running another Dungeons and Dragons with Sci-Fi Theme one-shot on the 19th Jan 2020 at 6.30pm.

This time, players whom have played before are welcome to try out one more time with their previously created character.

New Players whom interested to try out the session, do create a character with the following rules:

1. Create a Level 6 Character
2. 27-Point Buy / Standard Array
3. PHB +1 Rules
4. All weapons and skills will be fluffed to Sci-Fi Settings
5. Game Master will roll up a magic item before the start of the game.
6. Start off with 200 Gold Pieces

Entrance fee at $10.00 and comes with 2 drinks of your choice)

After this session, he will be arranging with the players onto running a full campaign.

If you have not read the player guide, please go through this short guides HERE

And once you are ready, sign up HERE (you will need a warhorn account though)

See you then~


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