1st October, soft-launch date

by Sunny Pair'O'Dice

2 years... TWO YEARS... we finally got a page up... What's up with this page you ask?

Well firstly, it is a WebStore... You can now see, filter or find things on our store front...

Secondly, STORE CREDIT!!! You can check out how much Store Credit you have... But you will need to register an account with us first, then either e-mail us / whatsapp us / snail mail us on the email you are using and we will update with your store credit. No more "How much store credit do I have" questions anymore. 

You can also see what you have been buying, like a History of your purchase.

If there are things you think we should add, let us know. We will do our best to work on it. Thank you for supporting us, we will continue to give you the best gaming experience.

- Calvin, Game Master

Zhi wei

Woot! Excited to see what it can do!

Aaron Chen

Yes! New website! Congratulations on the soft launch guys! Hope to see this in full swing soon!

Jeremy Lim

Looking good guys. Browsing through the site, it looks like a good start. Can’t wait to see this in full action!

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